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    3/02/2012 12:04am

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    Quote Originally Posted by judoka_uk View Post
    Why is it so rare for the US marshals to hire people?
    You need to watch Justified.
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    3/02/2012 3:00am

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    I'm pretty close friend with 3 Marshals (2 retired, 1 deceased-not job-related) and they all loved their jobs and the USMS. It seems quite a decent career path.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thompson3259 View Post
    Thank you for the response. I attempted to send you a PM but the site wouldn't let me. I added you as a contact - I assume that's when I can send you a PM.

    I certainly do have a few more questions. I've considered the Marshals since 2009 and periodically checked the 'Career Opportunities' section. I noticed the hiring announcement within a week of it being posted. Any further advice is greatly appreciated.

    email sent.
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