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  1. Crapfestival is offline
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    Jan 2004

    Posted On:
    4/22/2004 12:50am

     Style: Im a Lover, not a fighter

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I just do Joe-Jitsu... lots of things that work for me
  2. xero is offline
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    Dirty Red

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    Feb 2004
    Davis, CA/Bay Area

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    Posted On:
    4/22/2004 4:14am

    supporting member
     Style: MMA

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    You are going to shootfight ghost?
    A.K.A. rocks your socks.
  3. The_Ghost is offline
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    U.S. Army

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    Oct 2003
    Ft. Benning, GA

    Posted On:
    4/22/2004 10:45am

    supporting member
     Style: Kickboxing/Shooto

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Xero I WAS going to train in shootfighting. But not anymore, J-Lau talked me out of it because the guy who taught the guys I'll be working under is Bart Vale.

    ghost were do you train now?

    I'm training under Shihan Mary Bolz and Mikio Nishiuchi. In Uechi Ryu Karate and Okinawan Kobudo (I barely do that anymore though). I'm currently looking at Xero's MT and BJJ school in Davis, hopefully I can get some info on that this Sunday.
    "did Phrost just call me a 'bitch'?"-Omega

    "The collective IQ of bullshido was reduced with the departure of Wastrel. It further dropped due to the retention of (Serious Harm)."
    - The all knowing Dochter

    "but like, it's possible to develop such a level of reflex that you can literally detect someones movements through sensitivity, and block without even thinking"-Apostol

    That's the amazing thing about Ninjas, for sneeky cocksuckers, they are all over the place, like dog **** on your shoe.-Ronin69
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