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    1/16/2012 11:40pm

    hall of famestaff
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    karateinstructortraining.com: I probably don't need to say anything more, but I will.

    So, I'm relaxing and checking out things on Facebook this evening, enjoying my cognac, when suddenly I notice something I usually gloss right over: those stupid, targeted ads on the right hand side of FB.

    This one, however, is a doozy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Text of the ad
    Martial Arts Instructor
    Need more income? Earn as much as $80K/yr. Learn to be a Martial Arts Instructor in as little as a few weeks! Call (877) 551-2566 now!
    $80K off a few weeks?

    Sounds awesome! Let's check this site out, it seems totally legit!

    Quote Originally Posted by What you see if you're too lazy to follow the link
    WCRB Karate
    Training Program

    If you can use an extra $20K to $40K working part time using your martial arts skills, call us now!

    Don't know martial arts? Don't worry, we'll teach you!

    • Earn income in as little as a few short weeks
    • No martial arts background needed
    • Flexible scheduling, work as little or as much as you want

    FIRST 100 CALLERS will receive our program absolutely FREE or be one of the FIRST 50 CALLERS and receive our free program PLUS a cash gift just for trying it!
    Uh... well, side stepping the obvious rant about how you can call up- free if you're in the first hundred- and become an instructor in a few weeks, let's see if we can find any details on this... fascinating opportunity.

    WCRB Karate?

    What the fudge is that?

    World Champion Rod Batiste Karate.

    Quote Originally Posted by WCRB Karate
    WCRB Karate utilizes an Academic Excellence Program through Behavioral Modification. Research acquired over a twenty-five year period by "Master" Rodney Batiste supplied the basic strategies used in this inventive, unique, and successful time-proven program. The program is designed to help children achieve scholastic improvement through the setting and pursuing of personal and educational goals, using focused thought, and self-discipline. Once this is pledged, other self-improvement concepts gradually appear, such as confidence, and self-esteem.
    I like that he put master in quotes. Nice touch.

    No Youtube videos for Rod Batiste or WCRB Karate, no wikipedia entry, and the Google search for both pulls up little more than local services/review sites that don't amount to much- oh, and nothing on a search of our site either, thus this thread.

    The WCRB site seems to have nothing about the program itself, the training, techniques- nothing but a somewhat ominous reference to Behavioral Modification.

    So, there you go. Who wants to make $80K teaching martial arts, no previous experience necessary?

    I want to repost that Jim Carrey video, but it may be in poor taste.
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    1/17/2012 10:12am

    Business Class Supporting Memberstaff
     Guy Who Pays the Bills and Gets the Death Threats Style: MMA (Retired)

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Anyone have any experience with this guy? Sounds like a MLM deal to me.
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    Posted On:
    1/17/2012 10:19am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    is this the same guy? (the video has him at the end without the protective helmet on)

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    Posted On:
    1/17/2012 6:58pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    In 1981 he was known as "Pro Karate's Don Quixote". Apparently.

    Nobody in "Washington DC or the surrounding area" fancy giving this a try? You can submit your "Infromation" on his site and it looks like he'll call you back. Should be an interesting chat if nothing else.
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    Posted On:
    2/03/2012 3:00am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    The WCRB site seems to have nothing about the program itself, the training, techniques- nothing but a somewhat ominous reference to Behavioral Modification.

    This just brings about mental pics of this guy weilding home made cattle prods. My Ick alarm is at about 9.5. I bet "Master" (ewe) has zippo in the way of real credentials that would allow him to design a behavior mod program that stood half of a .0001% chance of effecting any sort of long term change. If he did he would have called himself Dr. Batiste. I can't find a copy of his "program", his credentials or the underlying philosophy to his program anywhere. I would hazard it is Highly entertaining if anyone can find

    Found 1 article. Bwahahahaha! This guy couldn't buy a clue. His program targets very stable happy kids in Kindergarden, 1,2, and maybe 3, that come from happy, upper middle-class stable homes. In other words the kids that least need any sort of behavior modification. I would hazard there is still a massive drop out rate within the first 2-3 weeks. I guess that is why he needs so much support. Odd, it's shaped like a pyramid.
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