Disclaimer: RPG Gamer nerdness below.

I know some people on here used to talk about Shadowrun a bit, so I figured I'd point this out because I found it amusing.

In the latest version of the Shadowrun RPG game system (Fifth Edition), Kung Fu was NOT included as a martial arts system, despite being included in the last two editions. This is especially odd since the game used to make quite a bit of light on "Wire-Fu" and "Gun-Fu" themes, and a lot of background characters knew Kung Fu to one extent or another. One could even say that "Hong Kong action theater" tropes are a part of Shadowrun. At least in the past.

The latest combat sourcebook "Run & Gun" included a wide variety of martial arts, including:

-52 Blocks (fictional prison system)
-Arnis De Mano
-Boxing (Classic Style)
-Boxing (Brawler Style)
-Boxing (Swarmer-Style)
-Carromeleg (fictional elven martial arts system)
-Chakram Fighting
-Drunken Boxing
-Jeet Kune Do
-Krav Maga
-Knight Errant Tactical (Police/SWAT tactics)
-Lone Star Tactical (More police/SWAT tactics)
-Sangre y Acero (fictional Mexican bloodsport)
-Wrestling (MMA Style)
-Wrestling (Sport Style)
-Wrestling (Pro Style)
-Wrestling (Sumo Style)
-Drunken Boxing
-Muay Thai
-Tae Kwon Do
-Firefight (Gun Fu)
-Gun Kata (more Gun Fu)
-The Cowboy Way (uh...roping people?)
-Fiore dei Liberi (Two Weapon Sword Fighting)
-Kunst des Fechtens (Long Sword Fighting)
-La Verdadera Destreza (Rapier Fighting)
-Wudang Sword
-Jogo Du Pau (?)
-Quarter Staff Fighting
-Turkish Archery
-Okichitaw (fictional NAN martial arts)
-Whip Fighting
-Wildcat (another fictional NAN martial art)

Apparently Kung Fu wasn't cool enough to make the cut.

I suppose Jeet Kune Do and Drunken Boxing are at least somewhat in that direction, but still, sad day.