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  1. jasculs is offline

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    Jul 2006

    Posted On:
    11/26/2011 1:16pm

     Style: BJJ

    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    VIDEO - 2008 Worlds Championships Submission I Hit in Competition

    Hey Everyone,

    Back again with another BJJ move that I hit in competition. This was at the 2008 World Championships when I was a Brown Belt (Placed 3rd that year). This was a technique I was hitting a lot in training because of the game I was playing that year and it worked out for me in this match.

    In the video you'll see me hit it in my match followed up by detailed instruction on how I did it.

    Thanks for watching,
    Jason Scully
  2. RynoGreene is offline

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    Feb 2011

    Posted On:
    11/29/2011 2:20pm

     Style: FMA/SAMBO

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    It seem like if the top man weighted down and sprawled back, it would keep your hips down and head off the spin to triangle. Do you find this to be true? If so, what might be your plan B? I'm asking because I use the navy ride pass (leg lace) as one of my go-to passes, and I really try to keep my weight down to avoid a spin, roll, or scramble. Many of my training partners do the same to me, so it would be nice to know if you had suggestions for a more low and heavy leg lace/navy ride.


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