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    WV Fighting Arts Association

    I was doing some research on the WV Fighting Arts Association and a couple of things put me off. First the Master Instructor Paul Snider claims to be a black belt in Aikido. I was there when he got his black belt from the Almost Heaven Aikido Instructor John C. Allen and the rank was giving to him as an "Honorary" black belt in Aikido. So I doubt Mr. Snider knows any of the kata's in Aikido. Secondly, his Judo instructor was given his Sandon in Judo by Mr. Snider and his organization despite the fact the Judo Instructor was never officially rank up to Nidon (That rank was giving to him by John C. Allen who to my knowledge was never ranked in Judo) and he spent the time from December 2011 until he went with Paul Snider's organization on his facebook page badmouthing the Art of Judo calling it worthless and a waste of time. I guess in Paul Snider's mind you can get your Sandon in a martial art by badmouthing it to no end. Thirdly, he a part of the half a dozen Martial Arts Hall of Fames. I google searched some of these "Hall of Fames" and a lot of the them look like that got the Hall of Famers from a phone book. Mr. Snider claims to have trained with Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock, Joe Lewis and more.

    Here are his rankings and awards from his website.

    10th degree black belt from Japan- Yudansha Certificate

    10th degree black belt Martial Arts Association - International

    9th degree black belt West Virginia Fighting Arts Association / Shotokan

    8th degree black belt ( Mixed Martial Arts ) Budo Zanshin Gairo Seizan Ryu

    8th degree black belt Shukokai Martial Arts Academy

    7th degree black belt Mid Ohio Valley Black Belt Association

    7th degree black belt ( akju ) All American Karate & Ju-Jitsu Union

    6th degree black belt U.S.A. International Martial Arts Association

    6th degree black belt Unified Martial Arts Federation

    6th degree black belt Ju-Jitsu

    3rd degree black belt U.S.A. Karate Federation

    1st degree black belt Aikido

    Presidential Sports Award Karate (1983 )

    Outstanding Instructor and Coach for the year ( 1985 )

    Outstanding Instructor and Coach for the year ( 2000 )

    Martial Arts Dedication ( 2002 )

    Pinnacle Award Of Success ( 2003 )

    Master Instructor Of The Year ( 2003 )

    Silver Life Achievement for over 30 years in the martial arts ( 2004 )

    Masters award ( 2005 )

    Outstanding Contribution To The Martial Arts ( 2005 )

    Awarded Honorable Grandmaster and put in the Who is Who encyclopedia of Martial Arts by MAA-I Martial Arts Association International ( 2006 )

    School Of The Year ( 2006 )

    Grand Master of the year ( 2008 )

    Sokeship from the World Headmaster and Sokeship Union International Founder and Headmaster Council Of The Martials Arts Association - International ( 2008 )

    Ph.D / Ma.D. Sc. Doctorates Of Martial Arts Philosophy & Martial Arts Science from the University Of Asian Martial Arts Studies ( 2008 )

    Golden Lifetime Achievement award Of Honor ( 2010 )

    Inducted USA International Back Belt Hall Of Fame

    Inducted World Wide Martial Arts Hall Of Fame

    Inducted USA Martial Arts Hall Of Fame

    Inducted World Karate Union Hall Of Fame

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    Clearly a badass. Steer clear.

    Seriously though, I may be failing in my ability to Google here but is this the website that you looked at?

    h t t p : / / snap dragon269. tripod. com /

    As a digital marketing consultant I might contact him to see if you might like to redesign his page rather than throw random words and colours at the screen.....

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    That's one of the websites of the WVFAA. The other is h t t p : / / wvfaa .20 megs free . com.


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