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    Working out in the company gym

    My company maintains an on site "Gym". Up until last Monday the gym was a bag of ****, containing nothing but broken down treadmills, rowing machines and weights my two year old niece would scoff at.

    Recently the company director splurged 20000 on a whole new gym, so I thought, "hey, why not work out in the company gym for free?!" The gym is still not great for my lifting needs, so I'm here to look for the advice of more experienced people.

    Here is what is now in the gym:






    As you can see, the only viable lifting equipment is a cable machine, so no squats or deadlifts or fun stuff like that.

    I intend to work on a two day routine of Tuesday:Back and Biceps, Thursday: Chest, Triceps and Shoulders.

    I will train Kickboxing in the evening Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I also sometimes swim on Thursdays, but I'm abysmal at it so it won't exactly be working out.

    My intentions are to gain some strength and muscle mass/definition.

    Anyone have suggestions for what exercises are best for this using the equipment in the images?

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    Interval training. It won't make you stronger but it should help with the definition and gas tank.
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    You can do some very serious work on that C2 erg. Try to see how fast you can pull 500 meters. The record, as far as I know is 1:15.

    Keep a bucket handy.

    Edited to add: I don't think the rower in particular will make your muscles larger, although it might if you work the high speed/short distances. But for intense V02 Max training, its excellent.
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