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More Owlmatt, even though I know he was being facetious.

Met a TKD guy once who was flat out convinced it was the right thing to do. Still baffles me.
I was taught in TKD that it was indeed the right thing to do. Though common sense contradicted it. Didn't know what to think of it to be honest. Guess I accepted that it is A technique for parrying a knife and that it is indeed possible to pull off, however there's better, easier ways to do it.

Looks very showy though and kind of impressive. That said, we got taught a few joint locks that seemed more practical and simpler to pull off. A block for and over hand strike with a knife that involved getting into the attackers guard and underhooking the attacking arm, turning your body in and getting the hand in a sort of Kimura like hold while kicking the leg out to pin the attacker on the floor while still keeping hold of the knife hand. My Judo/ JJ skills and knowledge are limited at best but it didn't seem too bad a technique if you could pull it off and keep calm enough to pull it off against a knife wielding psychopath.

Though again, my favourite technique is called "Run for the hills and the keep on fucking running"