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    Hell yeah! Hell no!


    Does anyone know anything about a Nova MMA Academy in Kempton Park, South Africa? I'm up from CT and got referred. I can't find any information except this link on facebook -

    I ask (apart from 'Nova' meaning 'no go' in Spanish) because:
    1. The surrounds look like sports karate, not MMA
    2. This is some dude's garage and the posters say 'karate'
    3. The final picture is a newspaper article in Afrikaans that says the guy is a five times kickboxing world champ and his dad seven times. There have never been any WAKO SA world champs outside of the ring and that totals one

    What am I looking at?

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I can't comment on 1 & 2 (or on NOVA itself), however on three:

    "kickboxing world champ" title can be earned from different associations/organisation/event promoters. WAKO is not the only organisation or compeition organiser, there's the WKA, WKC, IKF, WKN, K-1, etc, etc, etc...

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