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    8/04/2011 11:29pm

    Bullshido Newbie
     Style: Leung Ting Wing Tsun Kuen

    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    The last days of trolli... I mean summer vacation

    Hello all, I'm new as I just found this thread through a search. I began studying kung fu when I was about 18 with a gentleman who was teaching a white lotus style of some of the top known systems. Among them was wing chun. I got only a glimpse of it's version of chi sau and was impressed. I was becoming very good friends with my si fu and when coming to his gyme, we found a letter from Leung Ting that had been stid under the door. My si fu had been accepted as a personal student of the Grandmaster of Wing Tsun Kuen. I began to learn just three weeks after, who was now my si hing started. We quickly learned the difference in the two versions of the style and who to spot it easily.

    Much seams the same between the two, but difference between the philosophies, power distribution, use of tool and footwork are vastly different. One reason is because of Bruce Lee. Bruce learned most of his with chun from a man named William Chung. He learned very little from Grandmaster Yip Man. The version of the art he learned was a "bastardized" rendition because William Chung, at the time was supplying a common medication for old age among the Chinese at the time; opium. Si Gung was old and needed it for pain, so he taught William for his supply. That's where the popularity with the wc version of the style really began.

    William Chung even claims to be the premier student of Grandmanster Yip and the current grandmaster. A third level practitioner of WT took him to the floor in front of a camera and he uh hum didn't do very well at all....to be cordial; .

    Emin Boztepe (in the youtube above) at last count i had was 375/0 in the Europian fist fighting rings, where the rules are pretty much just don't kill your opponent.

    So my bit of history and statement here is to say, yes there is a major difference between the two versions of the style. If you dig in to it just a little you will see how the tree brached off.
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    8/04/2011 11:34pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Hello and welcome to bullshido. If you notice this thread is nearly TWO YEARS OLD. That's okay, but you posted an OLD VIDEO which added nothing new to the discussion. Finally, you resurrected the old thread with the stupid "OMG BASTARDIZED BRUCE LEE WING CHUN KUNG FU LINEAGE I HAVE THE REAL" claptrap.

    Go introduce yourself in newbietown and stay there until, you get acclimated to the chun hate you will soon receive.


    375/0? I can't even give you 1/10 for this troll.
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    8/05/2011 1:33am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Cholly853 View Post
    Emin Boztepe (in the youtube above) at last count i had was 375/0 in the Europian fist fighting rings, where the rules are pretty much just don't kill your opponent.
    ...and I bet you don't have video of even ONE of those fights.

    yes I know it's a troll, but I'm bored ;)


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