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    3/21/2004 1:48am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Muay Thai question

    I've seen part of a ma reunion last on tv and the first match showed was between an Italian guy called something like Stradella and a Swiss guy of Rumenian origins. It looked like Muay Thai to me, and the commentator said the Italian was a World Champion. No weight was mentioned, but they looked like junior welter to me.

    How many organizations are there in Muay Thai? I never listen to tv commentators since usually they are just journalists that have little knowledge of the sport they are dealing with, but this supposed "world champion" was really, REALLY bad.

    And something in the rules looked odd. Catching the opponent's foot after a kick was ruled foul. What's the deal? I thought it was legittimate.
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    3/21/2004 2:42pm

     Style: Chinese Boxing

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    There are three main style of Muay Thai rules:

    Now look at your fingers and toes, there are at least that many type of orginizations around the world. Hell even I have a title which isn't saying much.


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