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  1. Gfreak is offline

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    Nov 2010

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    6/25/2011 6:17pm

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     Style: BJJ

    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    My workout

    Ok, so i've been lifting for a lil while now (mainly upperbody) but i recently decided to return to a simple workout and focus on overall strength... this is a variation of what a friend of mine started doing recently lemme know what y'all think..

    Workout 1:

    Workout 2:
    Military Press

    alternating days between them (mon/wed/fri)

    and then i'll throw in Curls or dips depending on how i feel after the workout.

    Y'all think that's a pretty good schedule?
  2. TaeBo_Master is offline
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    Mar 2003
    San Antonio, TX

    Posted On:
    6/25/2011 6:27pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Why do you have squats in there twice as frequently as everything else? Depending on whether you're lifting heavy or lifting for duration, it may not be a great idea to squat and deadlift on the same day.

    Personally, I like to match my upper body movements with vertical pulls/pushes on the same day (i.e. military press and pullups) and horizontal pulls/pushes together (bench press and bent row). But that's an absolute necessity.
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    6/26/2011 3:24am

     Style: Karate-knockdown, BJJ

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Gfreak-do you realize that with some tweaking, you are basically doing the Stronglifts 5x5 workout? Why not do the 5x5 and call it good?

    5x5's are good beginner workouts, whether it is Stronglifts, Texas Method, Madcow,.... Go check them out, then decide on what you want to do. I use them with my new clients to prepare them for more intense workouts andthey have good progress.


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