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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Trolling aside, Judo does not equal wrestling, nor is MMA or " the steet" the point of Judo practice.
    I appreciate that we Judoka end up with some serious conditioning that applies to self defense, thanks.
    But most important in Judo are 1) " Mutual cooperation and benefit"
    2)" Maximum efficiency, minimum effort"

    These are both simple and profound concepts, and Judo cannot be appreciated without embracing them.


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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Go read what I wrote on the last page in Anthony's thread about this:


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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    damn , I need to check Greese's Idiocy more Often !

    Greese , I didnt "Run" from YOU , son . THAT would NEVER happen , dont flatter yourself . Its just that if you believe that laundary list of Bullshit excuses for getting your asswhupped in a fight then youre dumber than I actually thought you were .

    Hell , you cant even seem to see how your accouunt of things makes Royce look WORSE , not better . You have the guy getting his ass whupped without even getting HIT ! Damn , I need to check out Kimo's series of Videos on "Ki Pawas" when he releases it ! appearantly the guy dosent even need to HIT you !

    Fact is , I just looked at the tape AGAIN , and he gtets CARRIED out , and Carried BACK to the ring . He does NOT go on his own Power . And frankly , if he was "that Screwed Up From Training" then he is a fucking Idiot for fighting that day in the first place . The guy has about 100 relatives that could/would get in there for him .

    saying **** like "Royce Injured His Neck" is NOT a statement of Fact . Its an EXCUSE proffered for a poor performance against an opponent that was SUPPOOSED to be easy pickings . Oh , and as much as Kimo may look like hes "laying there from exhaustion" or what the hell ever to YOU , he looks equally like hes just pissed that he lost . Yeah the kids a bit knackered , but he looks like a rose compared to Royce , and at LEAST he can walk for himself .

    But hey , keep on making excuses for your lil hero . I especially love the portions of your analysis that seem to imply that Kimo is in better shape , but somehow is , also , in worse shape for the match ...

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