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  1. southstarfist is offline

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    4/28/2011 7:32pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Alex View Post
    violence isnt the answer, its the question.

    and the answer is yes.
    I'm shamelessly stealing this quote and attempting to pass it of as my own at the nearest possible opportunity... I can feel the warm glorious waves of respect and adulation that I will recieve, just thinking about it Haha
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    4/28/2011 7:38pm

     Style: BJJ

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    When I was little, one of the boys from the neighborhood was giving me a hard time. For some reason I thought it would be wrong to pound him, because he was like a year younger.

    Anyway, one day while I was playing outside he came and started some **** with me. He started getting physical, pushing me and maybe hitting me. My grandmother saw that and started yelling from the window of our apartment. The little **** just ignored her and I just stood there doing nothing.

    Finally, he came at me and she saw enough and yelled "NAUUUUU" and I threw a mean, Fedor like looping punch that landed just behind his ear. I knocked him out cold. He took like 5 minutes to move and get up. Never messed with me again.

    That was the first time I ever punched somebody.
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