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    Quote Originally Posted by Q_wer View Post
    Taking pain killers on a regular basis is never a good idea, if it can be avoided, especially not without examination and prescription by a doctor - abuse can even provoque nasty headaches by itself...

    (i am currently working as a surgical intern in germany - as far as credentials are concerned)
    if you're working as a surgical intern, then you might want to focus on your reading comprehension skills. the OP clearly stated that he was taking the medication under the supervision of a doctor.

    i would hate to think that a surgeon would miss that sort of detail. precision is a big part of what you are training to do, so work on that.
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    First thx for your critique.
    The doc gave me a shot of painkiller (and a lecture about taking 5 tylenol in 2 hours
    Since the point is valid as a general statement and the OP stated the above i thought it might be a good contribution. Let me also explain that
    A) i would not want anyone to take my contribution as more than a found opinion on the internet - it est something that might give you some additional input, some questions that you may ask your MD of trust and
    B) that english is not my native tongue.

    Back to the OP:
    Seeing somebody with expertise in neurology is definitely a good idea, he is the specialist in that field.
    You mentioned that your problems started while having a cold-
    Does your headache still occur/ worsen when you cough?
    If so be certain to tell your treating MD about it, it might be a valuable detail..

    hope that helps a little
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    Coughing definitely makes it worse, along with many other things such as yelling or talking loud.

    I did tell my dotors about this, and the first doc I saw thought the headache may be related to the cold/pnuemonia I had. Those illnesses cleared up a while ago and the headache remains.

    To make things more interesting, today the doc told me I have tonsilitis! Which explains the MAD fever I had yesterday.

    Thanks for posting Q_wer.

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