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    2/23/2011 4:07pm

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    London & Paris

    This summer I'm going to London and Paris for like a week each in July. I want to learn as much as I can while I'm there, but don't have thousands to spend on private instruction. I'm thinking traditional boxing in London, and savage, judo, or muay Thai in Paris. Has anyone done anything like this? Any advice at all would be appreciated (including gyms, different styles, etc)
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    2/23/2011 9:23pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    It kind of depends on what you mean by traditional boxing, but there are people in London who have reconstructed the pre-Marquis of Queensberry styles. Otherwise, there isn't necessarily much to distinguish what you'd be learning in a modern London boxing gym from anywhere else.

    There's plenty of savate (boxe Francais) in Paris. If you want to go real old-school, I'd recommend http://www.savate-lafond.com/ .


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