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  1. Kungfoolss is offline

    I restore the Balance

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    Jul 2002
    Sunny Hawaii

    Posted On:
    12/26/2002 5:47pm

    Join us... or die
     Style: I wear pants

    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Teen driver smashes studio window


    A 16-year-old Buffalo Grove boy was involved in an accident Sunday before he ever had a chance to get his drivers license when he drove through the front of an Arlington Heights karate studio. Police said the boy was trying to park a 1998 Isuzu Trooper 12:30 p.m. Sunday in front of the A Shidokan Martial Arts Center, 940 W. Northwest Highway.

    The boy had a learnerís permit and his mother, a licensed driver, was in the front seat next to him at the time of the accident, which occurred in the parking lot in front of the martial arts studio. He stepped on the gas, thinking he was hitting the brakes, police said. Witnesses told police they saw the vehicle pull up and park, then it shot through the store front window and wall. Twelve people ó parents and children inside the karate center ó were injured. None of those injuries were life-threatening, and most sustained minor cuts and scratches, police said. Six were taken to Northwest Community Hospital where they were treated and released.

    No charges are pending against the driver or parents, police said.

    Kungfoolss, Scourge of the theory-based stylists, Most Feared man at Mcdojo.com, and the Preeminent Force in the martial arts political arena

    Kungfoolss, Scourge of the theory-based stylists, Most Feared man at Bullshido.com, and the Preeminent Force in the martial arts political arena
  2. jing shen gou is offline

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    Sep 2002

    Posted On:
    12/26/2002 8:30pm


    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Thats all I have to say.

    breathing is the center, if your breathing is wrong then your body wil be messed up.
  3. Mercurius is offline
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    Jun 2002

    Posted On:
    12/26/2002 11:26pm

    supporting member
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Yes, God hates Shidokan people, for all the god damn charity work they do and the emphasis they place on using karate for moral purposes.

    Is this the tripe you post when you run out of "Those Wacky Martial Artists" material?

    "God is dead." -Nietzsche
    "Nietzsche is dead." -God
    "The morning glory blooms for an hour. It differs not at heart from the giant pine, which lives for a thousand years."
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    May 2002

    Posted On:
    12/27/2002 2:34am

     Style: JKD, BJJ

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I'm beginning to think it's pretty clear to everyone that the scared person around here is KFSS himself. Why else would he spend so much time and effort denigrating martial artists? Obviously, this guy's had one too many towels snapped at him in the locker room for looking at other guys genitals and his tiny little ego couldn't take anymore.

    "I'm not tense; just terribly, terribly alert."

    Edited by - JKDChick on December 27 2002 01:35:16
    Monkey Ninjas! Attack!


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