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    sure, I'd be glad to. I'm recovering from tendinitis right now, but I think I'll be good to go on saturday (especially if we aren't sparring the whole time).
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    The club member who trains both is a girl. You'll see her if you stick around.

    I trained BJJ for 2-3 years down in grove city, before I had knee surgery and subsequently couldn't afford the drive+dues. I'm up for doing no-gi stuff for sure. I sometimes NoGi train on Sat with a club member who's a blue belt from the GJJ place up north. I might be able to do other times too.
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    Yeah, the tall kid with curly hair used to train in bjj/grappling and wrestling. I don't think he ever internalized the "relax" part of jiu jitsu. I tried to help him, but he just would go for kimuras while we were drilling triangles and stuff so hell with it.

    The Judo v Fma/MMA club thing is going to have to be your decision man. Have you tried out their club yet? We actually have a member who goes from Judo club, gets a smoothie, then goes to FMA for 2 hours on Mon/Wed. You could try that.
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    The FMA/MMA club is legit. They don't work on technical drilling as much as I would, but they're solid and make up for it with loads of conditioning and scenario sparring. Their coach is a FMA stickfighting champ and ammy MMA fighter/BJJ purple belt. Great guy.

    Which white belt are you talking about? The tall one with a BJJ gi? If so, he's a total spaz and kinda a bitch to roll with, yeah. I used to take it easy on him but not anymore, he just takes advantage of it. One in every club.
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    As for the BJJ clubs: From what I hear, the Relson place is traditional Gracie JJ. Heavy focus on closed guard, etc. Ruff is a Judo blackbelt, and is influenced by his competition in BJJ - so more emphasis on open guard, sweeping to the top, etc. I'd go with the one that is easier to get to. Columbus MMA is also good - and cheaper than either.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me at the club or here. We have a fresh crop of white belts so you wouldn't be the only beginners.
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    Hi! I definitely recommend you drop by the OSU Judo club. Stuff to know about it: Judo is hard work. Everyone gets discouraged, so don't be surprised. It will take a while before things start to click, but when it does it's awesome.

    The OSU club is a mix of a recreational and competitive club. We have a lot of competitors, but there's also people who are there just to have a fun hobby. Any specific questions, feel free to ask when you come by the club - Monday/wed/fri 6-8, sunday 12-2.
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