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  1. Oh, I got it...I got it.
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    Hey mate, haven't seen you on in a few days. Just checking in.
  3. It's funny you say that, sainthamish, whenever I see I have a visitor messages notification I think, "here we go, another douchebag noob I'm going to have to humiliate" and that happened just now, only it was you and I don't need to humiliate you. It has improved recently, I think when noobs realise that insulting me on my own wall is useless, they try and duke it out in the thread that made them angry at me in the first place, which inevitably turns against them anyway.
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    reading your messages makes me smile. and moist.
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    Jeez, battlefields, I came over to say thanks for the feedback, than I saw all the gallery of weirdoes posting random **** on your visitor messages.
    Hope you don't get offended when I don't refer to your p3nis or how lame you apparently are :P
    Thanks man.
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    Gday how are you going. I have an interesting little dillema and I thought you might be able to give me some advice.
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    Ty battlefields :)...sorry for late reply lol :P

    Oh and if you don't mind...where do you train? You seem nice and friendly and I'd love to meet you in real life :)
  8. LOL...
  9. Man, why do these noob cocksucker motherfuckers always think it is necessary to write pathetic jibes on my profile? Do you think it is because I rape their stupidity so bad in the forums that the butt hurt must be at least attempted to be avenged? Because all it does for me is provide a target for future noob rapings.
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    Just looking at your profile pic. You resemble a penis with ears; and am I mistaken? Are you a bit of fat bitch? Bow before your betters honey your CV reads boo hoo hoo.
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About battlefields

Basic Information

About battlefields
Primary Style:
Australia, Land of Oz
Other Interests and Information:
People and experience
Online Fundraising/ Charity Consultant
Martial Arts Experience:
Judo, shotokan- junior classes under 13.
Muay thai/ Kickboxing-
started from 15 years old solid, 17 eased off, then on and off for a couple of years, stopped when I was 19. Did not compete, but it gave me one hell of an arrogance boost in my early adulthood.
"Modern scientific hybrid" called Total Control under Lawrence Lee in around 2003 or 2004-
about 6 months, incorporated wing tsun, muay thai, boxing, etc. In the interests of transparency, I would not recommend this system, if I could find more info on him I would begin an investigation, as it stands, one youtube video wouldn't cut it for anything other than lulz.
TKD & HKD- over a year in WTF, reached blue belt (have documentation) and yellow belt in HKD (no documentation) I left soon after the grading, I became disheartened when I realised I was being held back and thought it might have something to do with grading fees, thanks bullshido.net for opening my eyes.
BJJ- around a year of on/off training. Approximately 60 hours.
Judo- 7 months before injury.
BJJ- a bit more, nothing regular though.
NB: None of my training includes the hours spent with training partners out of class times.
Stronglifts 5x5. Reached relatively decent squat of 100kg.
Back to BJJ at SPMA- 3 months approximately twice a week.
Changed schools- now at Advance Martial Arts. Finally graded, one stripe white belt. Woohoo.

Current training is 3 days BJJ, 2 days MMA, with strength and conditioning throughout.

I have a training blog so if you haven't paid for a membership, do so and get on it.
It'll all be alright in the end, if its not alright, its not the end.


Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Machette View Post
Ups to Battlefields for dropping the sage wisdom.

You are like a Pimp Yoda.
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Battlefields... You're more of a man than I am.


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