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  1. Bye, **** for brains.
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    Thanks !
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    Hah. I have yet to find that group.
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    Interesting. Thanks.
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    Good read.
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    Thanks I'll check it out !
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    Thanks. Good video. That exactly my A game on entering 50/50. But the Single Leg at the end was a nice transition
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    Man, I wish I knew the law that well.
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    Just rented UFC Undisputed 3. Holy **** this game is a tremendous improvement over 2, in every way. Beautifully done game. The clinch function kinda sucks though. Then again, I think Karate can't clinch worth crap. I'm sure if it was Muay Thai, clinching in this game would probably be a completely different story. They really improved the ground game, though. Much more fun, for sure, and the AI is actually fun to watch =)
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BJJ w/ splashes of Judo
A poor plan well executed is better than a good plan poorly executed


Of the single rapier fight between valiant men, having both skill, he that is the best wrestler, or if neither of them can wrestle, the strongest man most commonly kills the other, or leaves him at his mercy.
–George Silver, Paradoxes of Defence


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