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    I'm not typing this out of anger, like your message up above, but I do accept your compliments on calling me an expert, even though I am not. The only experts were and are the individual Masters that allow the Arts to continue on in life, or the Arts would just die with them. Martial Artists should know their roots, or else they end up like Tres Espadas and wonder what went wrong. When you take more than one Martial Art and mix it together, like spaghetti, you might as well call it UFC.
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    You have been doing Martial Arts off and on since 1988? WOW!! Your parents must be very proud of you. Your skills, techniques and instructorship (if any) looks like it came from a cracker jack box. You hand random people these stupid Medieval weapons and then tell them to spar, it's like putting a blind fold on someone and tell them to drive.
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About BFGalbraith

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Date of Birth
February 14
About BFGalbraith
Primary Style:
Tai Chi,BJJ,knife-dueling
Greater Seattle Area
Other Interests and Information:
"BFGalbraith" is my standard internet title
Martial Arts Experience:
(I'm from Bremerton -a Navy Town- so instructors keep moving)

As a youth:
-Tae Sho Karate Do (RBSD, Point Fighting, continuous sparring and and Arnis) [1-2 years]
-Aikido [1-2 years]

As an adult:
-Doc Fai Wong's system under Vern Miller (Yang Tai Chi, Choy Lay Fut, Kickboxing) [3 nonconsecutive years]

Dabbled in or cross trained with (less than three monts):
- Tae Kwon Do :(
-"Knock Down" Karate
- Baguazhang/"Wudang Dan Pai" Tai Chi
- Judo

I have been a mediocre-at-best student at Summit BJJ since 2013.

I am one of the founders of the Tres Espadas full-contact weapon sparring club.
"A Yang Taijiquan guy now is NOT doing what Yang Lu Tang did, MMA is." - LORD ASIA, May 2006


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