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    I like your vids

    You have good judo

    Look forward to an Irish TD
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    Just wanted to ask, how are you? It only took 4 years but this noob has done it!
  3. I accept your wager, and implicit challenge.
    If your seriouse PM me and I will furnish you with the adress of our club
    If your just talking ****...**** you bitch!
  4. You're an idiot with some sort of mental dysfunction way worse than mine.
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    hmm, true. i just figured since they are performing the same actions (or so i assume) they could somewhat do it for real....but then again i guess if theyre using a pulley system and whatnot i guess not XD
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    in a recent thread you said that bruce lee wasnt a real fighter and that he was mostly just a movie star (paraphrased of course), as an honest question, if one fights in tv, can't they fight in real life? don't they gain some knowledge in the art?
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    I gotta ask man, are you a Boosh fan? With the CrackFox Handle?
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    C'mon back by sometime
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    If because of asland (TKDdad) you were banned by me wrongly I apologize, your screen name will be reinstated within the hour at martialartstalk.net should you wish to return some time. When I'm wrong I try to correct the mistake, what you do with that is up to you. Thanks,
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    Hi Crack! Will You be attending this years US Kuoshu Federation Tournament??? July 23 – 25, 2010 in: Hunt Valley Marriott, MD
    We are working on spreading the word... Let me know! - Tae Min
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