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About Petter

Basic Information

About Petter
Primary Style:
BJJ, judo, rapier
Vancouver, BC
Other Interests and Information:
Martial dilettante. There are not enough hours in a week to do what I want to do.
Software developer
Martial Arts Experience:
Started practicing Shotokan karate with Canada Shotokan in September 2005, UBC dojo. 3rd kyu as of October, 2007, when I quit.

BJJ under Tim Shears at Gracie Barra/Cocoon Athletics, Vancouver, since October 2007. The school has moved and changed ownership and head instructor, but I continue at the same school, now under Rodrigo Carvalho. [] Blue belt on May 31, 2010. That’s a long time to make blue, but there are good reasons for that (chiefly lack of talent). On March 8, 2012 I received my purple belt from Rodrigo, and plan to spend the next while reaching a point where I actually deserve it. []

Judo from January to December 2010, when (enthusiastic and generally excellent) guest instructor Scott Aitken taught judo at Gracie Barra; when that ended due to poor attendance (I was consistent, as was another student, but beyond that it was sporadic) I moped and missed judo for a while, then joined the Burnaby Judo Club in January 2012. Orange belt/yonkyu as of May or so, 2010—awarded with a certain amount of generosity, since my BJJ background gave me a leg up in newaza, while tachiwaza obviously lags behind. []

WMA (primarily rapier fencing) at Academie Duello, Vancouver since November 2009, under Devon Boorman, though most of my direct instruction has been from Greg Reimer. [] Currently on hold.
“The plural of ‘anecdote’ is ‘anecdotes’, not 'data'.”
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“The plural of anecdote is anecdotes, not data.”


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