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    Hey man, would you be down for grappling this Saturday around the same time?
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    If you still wanted to take a look, here's the compendium.

    Merry Christmas MMA section - Forums
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    Haha I'm flattered.

    Yeah 2 sounds good, upper level mats?
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    Ouch, alright yeah, what time is good for you?
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    Would you be down for rolling this week sometime? Saturday maybe? I don't think I'll be able to swim with you, or pose any sort of challenge lol. Maybe you could give me some tips?
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    Where and how long have you trained BJJ by the way? I mean if you still do that is. My friend said you were really helpful, the other guy assumed he knew something about grappling. I was just wondering if you wanted to roll no-gi or anything sometime.
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    I feel like "protecting your sparring partner" is a lost concept to some people.

    Actually, that doesn't sound like a bad idea. I might actually do that next year because I'm living on campus again. But I worry about being exhausted after Judo. What's the guy's name? I mean it's a good club no doubt, but I don't know if I wanna blow the money now or not. I think I'll stop by the FMA/MMA club and see how much technical drilling they do, and if they don't have enough I'll just go for Judo.
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    Yeah the coach is actually my Barber's old roommate. He told me to go check it out. Well now I don't know what to do, start Judo 150 dollars now instead of later and get more out of my membership, or wait until summer and start the FMA/MMA now.

    And yeah I think that's the one. Curly hair and tall? Does he crosstrain BJJ? The other green belt was a pretty nice guy though.
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    I was wondering, how is that FMA club down there? Virgil mentioned they were legit, but said steer away from the JJJ club. I might start off there and wait until Summer quarter to save some money before I buy a gi and pay the subscription fee.

    Also, is the white belt usually that spazzy? I had him in guard and he was straight spazzing. He pretty much kicked and elbowed me in the nose twice.
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    Hey, I googled BJJ and OSU and you came up. I don't usually frequent these forums other than to read reviews, I usually am at Sherdog. But you mentioned the Judo club, and my friend and I have been wanting to check that out and maybe join. Is there anything we should know about it? And also, which do you recommend for BJJ, the Relson Gracie Academy or Ruffhouse?
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About Blue Negation

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About Blue Negation
Primary Style:
Judo, Sub wrestling
Other Interests and Information:
genetics, human nutrition
halfassed tutor
Martial Arts Experience:
Been training BJJ since 06' and Judo off and on since '05.

Got into submission wrestling off of BJJ and enjoy it a lot.

Started irregularly training US scholastic/folkstyle wrestling as a result.

Started working on catch-as-catch-can based grappling as a result of the success I've enjoyed using wrestling concepts and techniques in Judo/BJJ/no-gi.

Irregularly train in Muay Thai.

Really bad at boxing.

Used to train Aikido.


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