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  1. The more you double down on idiocy here, the more flak you will receive. This was my FIRST lesson on Bullshido and I struggled with it but learned to adapt. How was it you missed the memo? Oh right, YOU DON'T CARE about the policies here. You just care about getting the last word.

    Your avatar wants to appear smug and witty, but Bullshido clearly doesn't buy in especially when you decide to openly revolt against moderation. There is no bigger mistake you could continue to make.
  2. You need to get a hobby dave

    you are spending way too much time worrying about me

    haven't you got some noob to **** with moderation to do

    though it is nice to know you care
  3. That all said, I really don't know why I bother repeating myself to you because you and I both know what you said in those PM's on Sociocide, don't we.. So.. From this point onwards I won't waste my time discussing this further. Unless you positively contribute, expect your account and posts to be heavily moderated until such point I get bored and perma ban you.

    This isn't about trolling you, you fucking dumb ass.
  4. ...Go ahead and complain openly on the forums if you think that will do any good

    Go ahead and complain to Neal, if you think it will do you any good

    It won't.

    The only people who complain about mod abuse are the cunts (like you) who we're forced to continually moderate.

    Get this into your thick fucking skull - I **** WITH YOUR POSTS INTENTIONALLY. However; if you come back and add something of worth to the site you'll quickly learn you'll drop off my radar.
  5. Alex... You're fucking obsessed with this whole "trolling" bullshit.

    I don't need to troll you... My JOB here is to moderate pointless bullshit... YOU POST POINTLESS BULLSHIT 99.9% of the time hence why you get moderated.. You keep bleating on about mod abuse but you fail to accept your part in the fact we (I) **** with your posts and account INTENTIONALLY because your posts here amount to nothing more than you using the site as a platform for illustrating how fucking dumb you are.
  6. Doofus, you do need an English teacher: it's "you're". You also need a fucking guidance counselor because you're clearly not coping with the fact that both BS.net and Sociocide are sick and tired of your attitude and lame attempts at humor.

    Why don't you drop your stupid fucking troll act and get with the program already. Christ, I haven't seen a BS troll as obsessed and confused as you in years, which is why you continue to get the **** you deserve.
  7. Come back to me when you can construct a paragraph without spelling mistakes.
  8. ....Actually Alex. This place isn't moderated to death... Quite the opposite. YOU on the other hand, and other complete cuntfucks ARE moderated because you just don't fucking learn.
  9. <LOL.. cry baby
  10. Don't **** post in forums where more serious discussion are encouraged. It's a simple concept, don't be a fuckwit all the time.
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