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Basic Information

Date of Birth
February 12, 1991 (26)
About Milk_
Primary Style:
Aikido, Muay Thai
Kenya, Nairobi
Other Interests and Information:
Cooking, Gym, Anime, Video Games and being an Otaku in general.
Martial Arts Experience:
1. Six months of basic Muay Thai training:

I was studying in a boarding school from 2006 to 2007. During this period there was a martial arts demonstration held at the school's sports ground, and one of demonstrators was a classmate of mine.

After asking him for some instruction in his fighting style, the fellow student agreed to train me in what later turned out to be Muay Thai.

These informal lessons were done once a week, for around six months. I developed very little fighting proficiency or knowledge of the art, just learned the basics of round house kicks, straight kicks and blocking.

2. Fourteen months of Aikido: After returning from boarding school, I spent a couple of years doing nothing. No gym, no martial arts, no studying, no gaming and just spent my days lounging around the house. The year 2012 saw me land ass first in an Aikido seminar being held in a local gymkhana.

I'm a fan of Steven Seagal (despite his many short comings and the general opinion of him held by this site. Mouthafaka be cool man! He's like the Vannila Ice of the martial arts world, show the man some love ya'll!), which combined with my mother's threats of banishment from the house if I didn't do anything with my lazy ass led me to taking up the art seriously.

I studied on and off, sometimes missing a few classes in a month, to dispersing for months on end, or just not being there for a few lessons weekly. 14 months is my total collective count as an active practitioner of Aikido, i.e. the amount of time I've spent actively sweating and rolling in the dojo.

Aikido Lineage: I studied under a 1st-dan gentleman named Matsuez Waga (from Poland), who studies under a fifth-dan named Piotr Masterlez (also from Poland), who studied under Chiba-sensei (San Diego), who was a direct student of the founder, Morihei Ueshiba (Japan, deceased). I'm a part of Birankai, I have not managed to grade yet, I am a 6th Kyu.

3. Starting Karate in February: Due to some unavoidable circumstances in the Aikido Dojo, quality and training levels have dropped considerably, and the current instructor (Waga left sometime in late 2012 due to work commitments in Poland) will be leaving the Dojo as well. With no one to teach, and picking my recent fascination with Goju Ryu Karate, I've decided to start training in Karate twice a week with 7th-dan Tamura Yoshio sensei. I have yet to establish his lineage. I'll do a report on how my classes are taught, to establish whether this is a good place to study real Goju Ryu Karate, one that emphasizes street applicability in self defense situations (most likely through Bunkai).

That's my fight story people, hope I didn't bore you to death.
I am a shadow...Within the Darkness.
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