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About Mr.Miyagi

Basic Information

About Mr.Miyagi
Primary Style:
Brisbane, Australia
Other Interests and Information:
Reading, writing, gaming, magic rings.
Necromantic Agile Product Owner / Scrum Master of the Undead legions
Martial Arts Experience:
Currently much enjoying BJJ as my main training at Advance Martial Arts run by Black Belt instructor Matt Cooper (Training at:
- Carlos Machado > Anthony Perosh > Matt Cooper > me

Have trained for a couple of years in Muay Thai and MMA, both of which were on an off for a while but now BJJ is my main focus and passion.

Received my Purple Belt under Matt Cooper (RCJ Machado) 26 June 2013. 12 Rounds, different type of pain and tired than Blue Belt, rounds weren't the problem, but impinged shoulder and lack of sleep didn't help.
- No stripes as yet, work is a biatch!

Received my Blue Belt (under Carlos Machado > Anthony Perosh > Matt Cooper) after 1.5 years of training [June 2010], awesome experience of being completely owned, haha.
- First Stripe September 2011.
- Second Stripe June 2012 (Surprised :E)
- Third Stripe December 2012
- Purple Belt achieved: 26 June 2013
- Note, the gym has since converted to the full 4 stripe system that RCJ Machado uses, originally was slightly different

6+ Years so far and still keen!

Rize MMA Events are hosted by Advance Martial Arts (Matt Cooper) and can be seen at

Originally trained Wing Chun and Chou Gar Kung Fu taught by Sifu/Sigung Tom Lo (whom was taught the Chun by Sigung Wong Long—a direct student of Yip Man) for 3.5 years until I needed and wanted something more from my Training—Aliveness.


Daniel: I don't know if I know enough karate.

Miyagi: Feeling correct.

Daniel: You sure know how to make a guy feel confident.

Miyagi: You trust the quality of what you know, not quantity.


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