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My NO BS Iron Palm DVD for FREE

  1. Mor Sao
    Mor Sao
    Hey everyone,

    I have decided to give out my NO BS Iron Palm Training to entire universe for FREE!!

    You will still need to get a decent training bag as well as Strong Iron Palm Dit Da Jow, which I make and sell.

    Let me know how I can be of service.
  2. Mor Sao
    Mor Sao
  3. Mor Sao
    Mor Sao
  4. lordbd
    The beard is looking awesome.
  5. hungryjoe
    Hey brother Dale,

    I wants me some free DVD on iron palm! How do I go about getting it?

    Looking forward to your move to Florida. Can maybe make the drive and disguise as family vacation on the way to the Keys.
  6. bobyoder
    I would like to receive your NO BS IRON PALM DVD FOR FREE. Please contact me at bob_yoder@live.com
  7. Mor Sao
    Mor Sao
    The video is on Youtube.
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