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  1. Deadmeat
    Post your club's details.

    I'll Start.

    School: Shindo New Breed MMA
    Style/Sport: Mixed Martial Arts
    Location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
    Website: www.shindomma.net

    Rank/role within the club:
    I am a brown belt in the shindo system, with 10 years of training.
    I am the assistant instructor, under the head coach, Kerry Dunne.
  2. TheNordicPrince
    School: Tabone Martial Arts.
    Style/Sport: Taw Gar Kuen (hybrid style)
    Location:Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Website: N/A

    Rank/Role within Club:
    Highest ranked student, with 13 years of training.
    i am the assistant instructor, under the head instructor, Sifu Bill Tabone
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