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  1. Lord Skeletor
    Lord Skeletor
    A meeting ground for Camp Skeletor alumni and future attendees of the program. Something wicked....this way comes....in the near future!
  2. jnp
    Oh hell yeah. Even as a kid, I never looked forward to summer camp like I do Camp Skeletor.
  3. 3moose1
    Ya plox, moar camp skelet0r.

    Again, not to sound like a broken record...but fall is very bad for moosey, as I'll be "getting some" (shitty living conditions) in a tropical paradise. (afghanistan)

    So spring/summer! Preferably not in June! Please please please!

    Also, please?
  4. Lord Skeletor
    Lord Skeletor
    Again...it's most likely going to be a group consensus inasmuch as when the most people can attend (when I--and other instructors can take vacation time) in combination of available range times for our "group shooting" excursion.

    I'll keep you in mind, Moose. But likely, it's going to be a spring-time thing (April/May) or late summer/early fall (Sept/Oct) in 2011. Lots of people didn't like the heat and humidity down here, although we might just decide to "tough it out" and do it in the Summer anyway. Again...it's up to the people who are coming to pretty much dictate when they want to do it and when open range dates are available---combined with my ability to get vacation time.
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