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Tucson throwdown venue acquired

  1. ironcastknight
    Alright girls, using the Sixth Street Gym for the throwdown is A-OK and approved by the owner, the gym is open on Saturdays from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon, and, from my firsthand observations, the alterations are no problem; The ring is still intact and usable, and the mats, while slightly relocated, are good for rolling and sparring.

    There will, naturally, be waivers to sign, and maaaaaybe a small mat fee, if the owner decides such, but possibly not.

    So, what date would be good for y'all? Any problems with Saturday? Any desired rulesets for sparring? How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck would chuck wood?
  2. metarat
    So, this group is not the up-to-date discussion, but the thread is?
    And can one of you young folks come over and program my TV remote ?
    : P
  3. ironcastknight
    The key problem with these group things is that it doesn't automagically send an email or pop up in the User CP to let people know that there are new posts, and, as actually checking it consistently would require effort, pretty much no one ever uses it.

    Also, you're on your own, Ultrapappy; I watch what little TV I do through a TV Tuner in my computer, so I know how remotes work even less than you.
  4. metarat
    Consarn it!
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