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The BREAKS Thread

  1. lordbd
    I havent attempted a break yet. I'm going to wait until I have at least a few months of consistent twice per day training on the gravel before I try to hit anything.

    However, if anyone has a break that they want to demonstrate and post vid of, here is a thread to do it!
  2. Mor Sao
    Mor Sao
  3. Diesel_tke
    That's cool!
  4. lordbd
    When oh when to try my first break....
  5. Mor Sao
    Mor Sao
    Remember that breaking is not the end all of training.

    just a testing gauge.

    My teachers were adamant about not worrying about it until you have at least 1-3 years of training.
  6. lordbd
    Understood. I'm not even up to the ball-bearing bag yet. Was just musing about when to test and see if I have gotten any results thus far.
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