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Varieties of Iron Palm Training

  1. lordbd
    Everything I know about Iron Palm I've learned through one source (coilingdragon.com). Even so, I know very little about the system. Not sure of it's exact name (CMA things are complicated) if it even has one outside of the term "iron sand palm" in chinese. I'm not really up on CMA lineage. My sense is that there are varieties of training that probably differ in subtle or significant ways.

    Any other group members practicing an iron palm system that they are more knowledgable about than I? Could make for an enlightening thread.
  2. KickToKill
    So what I do is take five gallon buckets. I fill one with sand, one with pee gravel and another with cement or you can use any paved area. There can be many staps to this. This is just one conditioning process. You punch the lowest level I have seen some use even water for those lady' but of time you punch and stick your fingers in the sand or what ever you dicide to use.once the person is ready to move on you just keep moving up on the level of hardness.
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