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  1. tyrranis
    yo just wondering what you guys think is a good style of martial arts to learn? i've checked out a few and could never descide what is more efficient...
  2. ricrtwn
    Most people you ask are going to reccomend whichever style

    they themselves study,what's important is the quality of instruction.

    You want a school with high standards for promotion in rank,

    rather than a place that will promote you just to keep you spending


    if you haven't yet, visit the schools you are considering and observe

    both beginner and advanced classes,you should be able to see a marked

    difference in skill level between the two,ask around and shop around

    before you make a decision.

    Personally I train at Legends Martial Arts in Hurst,which is operated by

    Pat Burleson who is one of the pioneers of martial arts in Texas.

    You'll get good training there.

    I don't know where you live but there is probably a good school

    somewhere close to where you live,but beware, anybody can

    rent a building and put a sign up that says karate on it.

    We get our share of shysters just like everybody else does.

    Be a smart shopper!

    That's my opinion for what it's worth!
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