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  1. Cougar Spirit
    Hey guys. Good idea, especially if we can get together once in a while. I am an older guy, but still trying to learn new tricks so I am all for getting together. Scheduling is tough, though. I am in Louisville.
  2. blisterstarr
    Im thinking about trying to put together a event for this summer or fall and get a bunch of us together hopefully. Should be fun If we can pull it off.
  3. che_70b
    As long as The pipes keep working we even have a good place for a get together at my gym.
  4. BackFistMonkey
    I am not online much these days , but I am still in Kentucky and more than willing to Throwdown if someone wants to host .
  5. deathstomp
    Hello All - I am from louisville and would love to get together with other fighters from the area :) If you guys are open to having new people come and train\fight, let me know!
  6. blisterstarr
    I was waiting for you to chime in; BackFistMonkey.
    It my thread roaming serves me correctly you are the only one to host a Throwdown in KY. Hats off to you. I know how hard it can be to get guys together who live so far apart.

    Me and Che_70b have been talking about hosting a KY throwdown this fall at his gym. We will keep you posted on that. We will probably post up some pics of the gym soon, because it rocks!

    deathstomp. I train in Maysville KY(along with a few other bullies), Im not sure how far away louisville is from there. I know Lexington is a hour.
    But you or any other bully are welcome to come up and train with us anytime. We would love to have you.
  7. silvernight
    Hello all, I'm probably one of the newest kentucky bullies (lexington represent), and I only recently started training...i'd love to attend a throwdown, and pick up some new tricks.
  8. deathstomp
    Hello All - Just checking back in. I am good to go any time if someone just wants to get together and train a bit. I go to a ton of schools around here and can get you into a place or two free for a one or two time trial class...Also, on a different note, there is a BJJ tournament coming up next month July 25 - here locally - If anyone is interested...Check out KYBJJ.COM - Ill be there competing light heavy weight blue belt division. Feel free to email me directly ASTERIX@INSIGHTBB.COM to get something together! PS. Cougar spirit, hit me up if you want to train!
  9. deathstomp
    Silvernight - You ever go to any of those KYFIGHT challenges? Pretty cool amatuer MMA gig up there in your area (lex)
  10. deathstomp
    [COLOR=#2ba8ec]blisterstarr[/COLO"]No BS Martial Arts - View Profile: blisterstarr@@AMEPARAM@@View Profile: blisterstarr</title>@@AMEPARAM@@blisterstarr - Thanks for the offer - You are about 2.5 hrs away from me :) I may take you up on that sometime though - I would love it if we could all get together for it though, I would certainly be there.

    PS. Sorry for posting so much stuff here guys, I am not trying to clutter up the discussion. Prob should have posted this all in one post ;)
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