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  1. YAY! Awesome!
    Remember to OSU a lot. Sensei Wah and Shihan White are great people. I'd suggest coming Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 to start. Be sure to show up early if you can. :}
    I'll be the injured white belt chick, can't miss me, say hi.
    PS- class is tonight.
  2. Dude,

    Thanks a bunch! although I live in San Leandro I guess I can just take bart ^.^ totally worth it! WOOT! :DDDDD

    I FOUND KYOKUSHIN!!! YES!!! THANK YOU!!!(hrfhyhrwe9hrg9hw <3
  3. Hey hey!
    Here ya go. :} It's awesome!
  4. Hay, I seen your comment and saw you were from Richmond, Cali? I have been looking for a kyokushin Dojo and can not find ANYTHING! I was hoping you can reply :) I live in the Bay Area also and want to train KyoKushin but I can't fine a single spot :'(
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