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  1. Yeah nice place for sure, its very structured and when you get 3 stripes, you can train in the advanced classes which involve more rolling and means you get to train two hours, as for the kickboxing I cant help you.. it saddens me I gotta leave in 2 weeks back to PR, lol.
  2. Hey there, I have actually been pretty busy but after getting most important things taken care of last week I got a chance to take a look at some schools. I didn't find something close enough that really offered everything I was looking for. I did however decide to stick with the Gracie Barra south in jacksonville for my BJJ needs, and I am still deciding what to do with kickboxing. The Gracie Barra school doesn't have seperate kickboxing so I am still looking on that.
  3. did you find a school?
  4. I am looking in to the luis palhares school as well, I wrote them a mail to get more information about their other instructors ect, and see about trying the school out when I get there. If you learn anything good about them let me know.
  5. that luis palhares school is crazy, hes a 7th dan BJJ O_o
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