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  1. Hey dude, were you the one today who asked me if I was trying to stretch out my back? I couldn't tell if that was you or not.
  2. Oh, cool! I'm not in the RBMMA class, but I'll be in the room next door at the BJJ fundamentals class. I'll be the one with the JewFro. Well...the one with the JewFro and the Gi, at least on Thursday (some other dude that doesn't have a gi yet is stealing my hairstyle D:).

    I'll look for you on Thursday!
  3. I didn't see the email, must've gotten lost or something. Anyways, I'm there every tuesday and thursday 5:30-6:30 and fridays 6:30-7:30 for the reality based mma class, so if you're there for any of that I'll be the tiny one.
  4. Hey, I sent you an email to the gmail account, hopefully I got the address right. Hope things are going well in your first 2 weeks, hit me up when you're free!
  5. Hey I'm here in Penn State, want to meet up? My email is bgaesop (at) gmail dort com
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