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    have you ever heard of them? they actually have classes at my school and its only 65$ for like 10 sessions so i might as well sign up cus its so cheap even if it isn;t that great, just cant tell if i need to buy anything extra though thats the only thing im worried about.
  2. o sry for the confusion, I have not started judo yet, i am only just checking out my friends place midway through december, havent actually started it. But luckily i just texted my friend, he says he goes to takahashi and he says its the best one in ottawa so sounds like you should def check it out :P
  3. Cool, do you do judo at Takahashi? That's really what I'd like to pick up next if I manage to find the time.
  4. thanks very much for the information! As it stands now, i am going to just go with my friend to judo during december while i study for exams, and once he goes back to waterloo i am going to check out muay thai hopefully at one of the places you suggested, billings is kind of far from where i am so the one on preston would actually be closer if i have to narrow it down to those 2. thanks again, realy appreciate it.
  5. (Derp. Read from the bottom up. Sorry, I didn't know there was a character limit.)

    Still, I think would be your best bet, a friend is learning there and they seem to have all the credentials check out.

    I hope this helps and let me know when you find something that works for you!
  6. If Billings Bridge isn't too far from you, Neak Ta is at Bank and Rockingham and is newish I think. They do Pradal Serey (which is Cambodian kickboxing, very closely related to MT) and I think it would be really worth your time.

    As for Krav, there are a few places to go for it around the city, but apparently it's tough to find a great place for Krav - since it's expanding so quickly and is so easy to learn/teach, there are a lot of classes popping up that are kind of bogus.
  7. Hey, I guess Carver's school moved to Preston but they still have the giant sign for it on Rideau. I don't know what they're doing with that location, if anything, but it might be worth it to have a look.

    All the good things that were said about that school were about Carver, who has now retired and doesn't teach there any more, so you may want to take that with a grain of salt. Still, the facilities look professional and legitimate, and I'd imagine they do good training there.
  8. Hey i am from ottawa also and i seem to have difficulty navigating this site so thought i would just ask you personally. Do you know of any good muay thai or krav maga schools in either the east end or dtown of ottawa? i have heard of the school Carver has but i believe that is in the west end and is to far for me to go.

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