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  1. Yeah. SO how've you been?
  2. Ahhhh ha! so that's the technical glitch. I tried to become a supporting member as well but it seems they only do paypal. :(
  3. Awesome. If you get 50 posts here, we can forgo the email thing all together.
  4. I will do as soon as I can OK? Some technical errors at the moment, I am working on them
  5. As far as the clinch, you have to pummel and gain inside control.Otherwise, you're stuck. What I suggest you to do it drill re-establishing inside control. If you're shorter than everyone else kneel a bit and get on arm in between you're opponents arm. Then try to get the other.
  6. Sure :) If you don't mind, email m. I don't really want to talk about myself over user wall/ My email is [email protected]

    Okay, SOOO it terms of sparring and the delay... If you aren't noticing it in other aspects of your life, then it's not the brain injury. If you're just starting out, it's n00bness but that's alright. Everyone has that in the beginning. It's a matter of muscle memory as opposed to thinking it through while doing it.
  7. During thai clinching I was getting pretty beat up. However I am so much shorter than everyone else they must lean over me. When they lock up both hands I wrapped an arm around their waist, turned in so my bum locked under their hip and did a toes to ceiling hip throw. Afterwards I warned them that every single time I felt pressure on my neck I would throw them. And that was the end of me and thai clinching. I was not a success at striking. I want to learn how but sparring? eeeeeppppp.
  8. Dudemar!
    Would you tell me a wee bit about yourself and your training. I suck at boxing. It's the spatial thing, and there is a fraction of a second between what my eye sees and my reaction time. That is just Bad mmmKay. ( that head injury again) So a decent boxer could and did pummel me senseless. Sookay though, I threw an elbow from the bottom and timed it perfectly. I didn't break his nose but was still bleeding when he left. :) That was the last time I ever put on gloves at that school.
  9. What's going on teek?
  10. I've spewed some wicked flame here, you probably like this:

    LOL! You can be the honey and I'll be the bumble bee.
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