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  1. Ah that sucks, I'm buying where I am for around 770 but it's a townhouse. Hope you find somewhere good
  2. Lol I've been going when I can, but I've missed a few days. 9:00 is way too early to be awake
  3. It's easy I'm kevin. Oh yeah and there's not a lot of instructors as bad as the arandas :D
  4. Remembering my instructor? I wish I could forget it.
  5. I just hate that after every bullsh*t thing ron has said and done to us, he still has the balls to say that we have all forgotten him. That we were 'Disloyal'. Loyal to someone like that? Never again! I've studied with instructors after leaving ron that completely invalidated EVERYTHING he taught. I spent those 5 years learning all the stuff I did, spent all that time defending the stuff he taught (hell I've done it here for years) just to realize that I had it completely wrong.
  6. I'm assuming you are Chad?
  7. And no, not Mark, jeremy or kelly.
  8. I was also "loyal" to ron for years, like so many of his former students. Then he decided to stab me in the back and had the balls to throw the disloyal title around. Wasn't until later I found out that he's been talking **** about me for years. Friend? Never again. Acquaintance. I left a little before he had his highest black belts escorted from his building by the police.
    Not long afterward, I found instructors who invalidated everything ron had ever taught.
  9. I'm taking this private because no one needs to keep reading the back and forth. Nope, not mitchell short. Yes, I was one of the first white dragons too. No I'm not mitch
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