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  1. Agreed. In honesty, the reason that thread has gotten me so fired up has much less to do with the difference of opinions between the posters and more to do with the failure of intellectual discourse. It happens particularly with politics, but the absolutism of most people gets frustrating. I've enjoyed the mental sparring. I'm gonna send you a friend request, if for not other reason than because I wanna get the varrots for the "3 friends" achievement, ha

    Yeah, I know. I'm a Bullshido whore
  2. Thanks for the varrot; I'll reciprocate when I find a worthy post. Kidding aside, that thread has been a great way for me to practice rhetoric in the face of fatigue. I just hope that our civil, intelligent discourse isn't ignored.

    The curse of being someone's younger brother is that my thoughts are never so clear as when I've seen or heard something I disagree with.
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