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  1. I'm sorry it took this long to reply. I took some time off after the whole ordeal and I'll be going back some time this week. From what I hear his new school in Texas takes up most of his time and he comes back to Nj every once in a while. I can give you more info whenever I go back to training. Let me know about the boxing schools so I can go visit them. If you are still thinking about training at Gold Team let me know when you want to go and I'll meet you there.
  2. hey, I saw your posts about your gym not cleaning the mats, having other issues, etc. Are you still training at Gold Team? I was thinking about training there before until I saw the problems you're having plus I heard Macaco left NJ and is teaching in Texas now anyway (?) Also if you're still looking for a boxing gym I know a couple of great gyms in North NJ that are very cheap.
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