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  1. Or are you sitting in a job u hate jealous of someone who's doing something he loves, while you perhaps cannot! Your a fucking pathetic coward! Good luck in your miserable chicken **** life. You know nothing of his life or what he's has to go through...if you had any balls you'd go chat with him personally. I'm sure he'd love to meet you too.
    BTW...people you say he insulted are not as honorable as you think!
  2. Hey UFCnut (really), whats your problem with the guy who own's Therien Vanier now. You really seem to get a kick out of putting him down. Have you ever thought to share the concerns you had to make it a better location, rather than sit back and complain behind a username. Do you personally know wtf its like to pay close to 20 k/month in operating costs. You need members. Do you have a family you'd like to support and make a modest salary from?
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