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  1. Oh ok I think i am gonna do the same thing myself. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Unfortunately for you I don't have much of an update on this. I went on to pursue non-security related opportunities. I don't know if they are a scam or not. My guess is they are legit as far as offering real training and helping you to get your license but they are gauging with their prices. I checked the Better business bureau, and I googled them and I see no major complaints, but I didn't like the idea of paying money up front for a job opportunity.
  3. Hey I saw the thread you made on Ontario security training, I just went through the exact same thing today and i was very skeptical about it too. I also noticed how quickly they wanted me to register. But when I was in the waiting room, I did see a classroom and students and a teacher and everything. I just wanted to know what happened with that, did you go through with it? I would appreciate it if you let me know. Thanks in advance
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