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  1. I think it's hilarious how you think I should give a ****.
  2. ...?

    What's happening here has nothing to do with 'points of view' as you put it. You're just mindlessly, arrogantly antagonizing against me, for no logical reason - well, for no non-logical reason either as far as I can tell - and it's really very silly. Grow up.
  3. trololololo

    Yep. You got me. I'm a troll who knows what he's talking about arguing with the more rational individual, who insists I must conjoin to his point of view purely because I do krotty.

    Let me guess, y'all don't cross-train?
  4. Pray tell, how am I a troll?

    I think you'll find that you are the troll. In fact, do you even know what a troll is?
  5. "We" don't have common ground. And if you didn't have anything against me, you wouldn't have asked if I was "insanely stupid".

    I got all of my partying done last night, so my weekend is all open to feed you, troll. Be happy that I'm willing to have some fun. Other members here are not so nice.
  6. Look, I don't understand what you have against me. We have common ground. I have nothing against you. You're just stirring ****. If you had a real karate-ka mindset, you would be 'standing on the side of justice'.
  7. Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to hit the reply button.

    Now what were you gonna bitch about again?
  8. Okay, cool, but that was a little uncalled for n'est pas? Surely you should be backing me up in this kind of situation in which we are trying to justify the legitimacy of REAL karate.
  9. passive-agressive reply insinuating your skills are inferior to my own
  10. erm, what are you talking about? What you posted backs up everything that I was saying... but you were disagreeing with me? I don't know whether you are just insanely stupid or whether I've misunderstood something here :S
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