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  1. Will do, thanks.
  2. Sounds like you mostly get it. What trips most people up is that many of the subforums have their own independent rules. Adhere to instructions in each subforum's stickies, and you'll do fine.
  3. Thank you, thank you. I get that the investigation forums are serious bidness, but it seems like the rest of the forum is like Sherdog's OT: may see rough to outsiders and babies but over all a great group of guys.
  4. No harm, no foul. I figured that either you're just messing around or you're not long for the Bullshido way. As a welcoming gift, I offer a bit of Socrates: scio me nescire.
  5. Hey man,

    I'm just messing man. Bullshido actually seems to be a haven of intelligent discussion, if you sort through the chun threads and akidorks.

    Also what you guys did to mountainous ninja was hilarious.

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