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  1. No, Aikido club and BJJ club are separate clubs. Aikido and BJJ are offered as sports clubs in my university, but they use the same wrestling gym space on the same day on different time slot.
  2. Lotta training! Aikido+BJJ in the same place?
  3. Thanks for asking! I train 3-4 hours per day with one resting day per week. I have Aikido+BJJ in a row on Wednesday 7-11 PM, Judo on Friday, and I am in the boxing gym working on my boxing+muay thai/karate kicks on everyday except Wednesday. Unfortunately, I cannot engage in a full-contact sparring due to liability issues in the university's boxing gym, but I do "light-to-medium maneuvering" (I cannot call it sparring...) about twice a week with my buddies.
  4. How goes training?
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