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  1. Hey man, here is an explanation of the aikido thing:

    I'm going to try and get to class on saturday and see if I can't get others to come with for a good workout. We shall see...
  2. Here is a better explanation of the aikido thing:
  3. Hey, just curious which one of the judo classes you'd be trying to make? They're actually working on adding a Friday class to the Judo schedule as well.
    Also, I had one or two questions about the Aikido curriculum at the Shinsuikan. I saw they're affiliated with Chudokai but I'm not entirely sure which kind of Aikido they use, is it Yoshinkan or a different branch?

    Yeah, I realize I could ask the instructor but I always end up forgetting while I'm there, haha.
  4. Huh, that's good to know. I'll definitely try looking through all of 'em though. And yeah, checked out the Clyde place's site. They're actually a Relson Gracie affiliate, and have a link on the Port Clinton location's website. So, it's looking decent so far.
  5. -Oh ok. My old boss used to train at the place in Clyde...I think they do BJJ and MMA training. Don't know much more about it ,but the jujitsu guy there has been around awhile. Port Clinton has always been 'the place to go' for jui jitsu, from what i've heard.
    -Shinsuikan is mon and wed; Mike Jacobs teaches on mon, and a kid named Jake teaches on Wed. Jake also does BJJ elsewhere, I think Port Clinton.
  6. Actually I'd just gone back up there yesterdary after a car trouble induced absence and as it turns out the facility is gone. According to one of the coaches I keep in contact with one of the owners just... didn't pay the rent. He's been recommending a few places to other students to continue training. I'm looking into a place up in Clyde or one in Port Clinton at the moment.
    But, Shinsuikan's judo/jujutsu class is also on my list of things to check out though.
  7. Nice, sounds great man. How is it there, pretty decent? You been there long?
  8. Ahh, I ended up finding a different place after a long series of... being broke as all hell, haha.

    It's actually up in the Woodville Mall if you're ever up out that way. Silverfox Wrestling Association, they've got a full gym and teachers for a multitude of different martial arts. Boxing, Jujutsu, Kickboxing, Wrestling, etc.
  9. Hey man, been awhile. If memory serves you were looking for a place to train in the Ohio area? I've been off deployed to Afghanistan, and other places, for the last 10 months or so, but am looking into getting back into training when I come home. Anyway, you get to the Shinsuikan at all, or find somewhere else to train?

  10. Sorry about the loooong absence in anything I've said. I have a... bad habit of not checking sites for months on end...
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