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  1. I was actually wondering if you have easy access to Shiu-Hon, Wong's writing. I have his material on the "Complete Works of Zhang San Feng," but am trying to get my hands on his "Study of Zhang San Feng." There is also "Immortal of the Ming Dynasty" (whose author I can't seem to find... sorry for the vagueness.) If you at some point come across a similar title, I'd appreciate if you would point me in the right direction. Much thanks in advance, and welcome to Bullshido.
  2. Thanks, much appreciate it :)

    I might shoot a few questions your way. It may pertain to a few translations of obscure texts. I'd be willing to financially compensate you, of course.
  3. A pleasure to meet you Sri, hope to get to know more about you in the future. I had a read of a few of your postings, really good stuff.
    If any TCMA material i have is of interest to you just give me a shout.
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